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We are law students calling on lawyers, lawyers practicing the law and looking for the best ROI, and lead generators experienced in digital media. First, ‘lead generation’ is a multi-billion dollar advertising method used by many industries in their advertising mix: from auto dealers, online education schools, to insurance and mortgage lenders. We see lead gen as the bottom line. Instead of scratching your head and wasting your time trying to figure out what and how to advertise, there is a better way to get highly qualified, targeted leads sent to you. Second, we realize that lawyers everywhere are frustrated with marketing since most of the leading companies are failing to consistently provide meaningful solutions. Often times the local solo practitioner is roped into a long-term contract that fails to fulfill its meaningless promise touted by sales folks with little to no experience in SEO. Making matter worse, they are not properly equipped with the latest best practices training or industry knowledge nor do they have a true working experience of running a small law firm, let alone the complexities of practicing the law. Sad to say, it’s like the blind leading the blind, sales consultants inflicting tortious damage on the very group they claim to help and the cycle keeps repeating itself because there is nothing better. Well, we finally said enough is enough. Together, we made a commitment to find the best solution for lawyers to get a consistent number of relevant cases.

And that is how Best Case Leads was born…

Let us customize a Lead Generation Solution for your firm!

We employed what many national trial attorneys use in their practice with mass torts pharmaceutical litigation to combat multi-national corporate defendants. We then though why not take this idea and expand it to every mass torts topic, from prescription drugs, defective products, investment fraud, to consumer fraud and business litigation. Better yet, why not take what the mass tort recovery plaintiffs were doing by using lead generation techniques and apply it to almost every practice area in the law – we call this for short, local leads. So, all an attorney now has to do is tell us what they want…50 divorce leads a month targeting Chicago or 25 leads a month from California targeting Animal Bite lead victims. We then use every weapon in our arsenal to go out and get these leads just as folks go online and actually fill out “I need help” forms. We then connect the two.

We looked at everything that confuses and frustrates attorneys and removed it from our program. We list them for short at the bottom of every one of our pages. Worried about being locked into a contract? We have no contracts. Your leads are real-time and exclusive to only you – we don’t share. Worried about the Bar? You should be and we don’t sleep making sure we are compliant. We made sure our program follows the rules to the highest ethical standard. Worried about a “bad” lead? No worries here – you’ll get credit to your account. We keep it simple by accepting all major credit cards as it is pay as you go. Try us for a month or for one campaign and you will see for yourself. We are here to help and coach you through the lead closing process as well.

Sounds too good to be true? Contact us today and let’s get started.

Why Choose Best Case Leads?

  • Real Time Leads
  • Highest Quality Leads
  • Credit for Bad Leads
  • Conversion Coaching
  • Exclusive Leads
  • No Contracts
  • Bar Compliant
  • Convenient Payment
  • Local & National Leads
  • Live Transfers
  • Best Lead Delivery Platform
  • All Practice Areas
  • Mass Torts
  • SMS Text Lead Delivery
  • Genuine Leads Seeking Genuine Legal Help
  • Spanish Leads

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Let us customize a Lead Generation Solution for your firm!
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