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We are obsessed with the ability to capture opportunity effectively. And that is why we are laser-focused on the acquisition of the lead in the first place. Many lead generation companies focus heavily on driving opportunity to their website or a print advertisement but they do not do enough to engage and capture that prospect’s information to actually place them in to their pipeline.

Let us customize a Lead Generation Solution for your firm!

Our quality begins with our initial ads. We refuse to use words like “free”, “pro bono”, “legal aid”, and other terms that lower quality. We also use our credit return system to monitor for patterns of low quality and we tackle those issues immediately, improving and ensuring quality on an ongoing basis. We also use a 3rd party verification service which makes sure the prefix/area code are possible combinations in the US phone system.

We generate the majority of leads through our own internal campaigns and are considered a wholesaler for some of the largest networks in the country. This means we can insure quality from start to finish. We have also partnered with dozens of powerful lead providers and SEM specialists. We introduce your offer to many of these partners for robust legal lead campaigns. Most prospects come to us requesting legal help for current and future issues without any incentives.

We focus heavily on the ability to not only drive opportunity but to capture opportunity and improve the overall acquisition rates by which new prospects are delivered. Through our process, we have seen many of our clients see 10 to 15 times as many conversions based upon additional strategies that we can help implement. For us, it’s all about increasing the acquisition of opportunity.

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  • Real Time Leads
  • Highest Quality Leads
  • Credit for Bad Leads
  • Conversion Coaching
  • Exclusive Leads
  • No Contracts
  • Bar Compliant
  • Convenient Payment
  • Local & National Leads
  • Live Transfers
  • Best Lead Delivery Platform
  • All Practice Areas
  • Mass Torts
  • SMS Text Lead Delivery
  • Genuine Leads Seeking Genuine Legal Help
  • Spanish Leads

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Let us customize a Lead Generation Solution for your firm!
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