Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions by attorneys about the Legal Lead Generation program at Best Case Leads, we have put together a list of FAQs.

Q: Are your legal leads exclusive?

Absolutely. We never share or resell the lead to multiple firms or several buyers. Unlike other lead generating firms online, all of our leads are sold only once. We check all new leads against all former leads generated the moment they come in. Any lead with a matching email/phone number is marked as ‘duplicate’ and is ineligible for sale or distribution. We do not, however, offer exclusive territories to firms as we think that would be unethical. You are the only one receiving that practice area specific lead. Most of the other lead providers send the same lead to two or three of your competitors at the same time, often times making more than what we are charging you for an exclusive lead. You no longer have to worry about being the first person to contact that lead because you were busy at a deposition or in court.

Q: What type of legal leads do you offer?

We are the legal vertical’s powerhouse so we offer the highest quality legal leads for nearly every single practice area in the legal industry. From national mass tort leads to local leads and live transfers, we have it all. All of our leads are comprised of prospects seeking legal help and the lead can be purchased by any licensed attorney or any size law firm – we do not discriminate based on your monthly budget with us. In fact, most of our clients are solo practitioners. You can target a single area of law or multiple areas, all with different priced leads depending on the practice area and geography desired.

Q: Do you filter for quality?

Of course we do. While other lead providers might send you lower-priced leads, Best Case sends you leads with the highest potential of converting to cases. Our quality check first begins with our initial ads. We refuse to use words like “free consultation”, “pro bono”, “legal aid” and other terms that lower quality lead scores. We also use our credit return system to monitor for patterns of low quality to tackle those issues immediately, resulting in improving ongoing quality. Best Case even uses a 3rd party verification service which makes sure the prefix/area code are viable combinations in the US phone system. In addition, we replace all VERIFIABLE wrong numbers, wrong legal categories, wrong locations, etc.

Q: How are your legal leads generated?

We generate the majority of our leads through internal campaigns and work with some of the largest networks in the country. Our leads are generated through high intent digital marketing campaigns such as organic search, paid search or PPC, display advertising, banner ads, content advertising, etc. This means we can ensure quality from start to finish. We continue to partner with dozens of powerful lead providers and search engine marketing specialists. We introduce your inquiry to many of these partners for the more robust legal lead campaigns. All prospects that come to us are requesting information and all are extremely targeted to those in need of legal assistance for current and future issues. We do not participate in incentivized or co-registration lead generation practices. All of our leads are directly consumer submitted and are compliant with the Telephonic Consumer Protection Act, where the consumer opts in and requests to be contacted by an attorney.

Q: How do I purchase leads?

Our lead generation service is a pay-per-lead program, meaning you only pay for the actual leads you receive. There are no other fees or long-term commitments. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. After we agree on an appropriate budget for your lead campaign, we will send you an Invoice through LawPay for prepayment. We will begin your lead campaign in a matter of days – not weeks or a month. Unless we hear otherwise from you, we will setup your credit card on AutoPay and charge you for the same number of leads at the same price that you originally paid whenever your lead campaign nears fulfillment. For larger law firms or nationally established networks that buy a large volume of leads, we recommend sending funds via bank wire transfers or ACH payments. By keeping your account funded well in advance, you assure your lead volume grows without interruption.

Q: Is buying legal leads ethical for attorneys?

Great and very important question. Online lead generation has existed for years. Companies who have entered the legal lead generation business have already blazed a trail through many of the challenges. The result is a green light for lead generation companies who operate ethically and comply with various states rules on attorney advertisements. We do not have a “referral” program that promises “geographical exclusivity” (only one attorney per practice area in a specific location) and “pay for performance” (the lawyer pays us when we “produce results,” not a flat fee). We operate ethically and comply with various State rules on attorney advertisements. Best Case Leads advertises on a group model, which is both legal and ethical. In general, lawyer advertisements (including group advertisements) cannot be misleading, according to ABA Model Rule 7.1. Since our business model is not a referral service and we are not endorsing or recommending any particular attorney, we do not violate rules on referral services, again, according to ABA Model Rule 7.2. Lawyers participating in Best Case Leads’ group advertising model pay a fixed fee for their participation. Costs are based on the delivery of prospects and in no way do we ever get paid based on the collection of fees or other contingencies. In other words, there are no fee splitting issues to worry about. Please see our Lead Standards page for additional information.

Q: How do you deliver your leads?

You will receive all of your leads principally by email with a copy sent via text (free SMS delivery), since we know that you may be away from your office. We store every lead you have received in our CRM tool and upon your request, we can download of all of your leads and orders in excel, cvs, and pdf file formats. Lastly, we can post to any system’s database if you provide us with specs. The bottom line is that you are going to receive your leads in the most convenient manner for you.

Q: Who is responsible for the protection of my data and leads…Security?

You are responsible for your leads. However, we do utilize Server Central, Amazon, and Rackspace cloud servers and have industry-wide accepted security measures in place.

Q: How long does it take to get my leads?

In a matter of days and sometimes within 24 hours, depending on how quickly we can get you into rotation of an existing campaign. After agreeing to your desired practice area(s), geography, and us receiving your payment funding your account, we will have everything setup within 24 hours. While leads CAN start within 24 hours, generally, allow at least a week for your campaign to make traction and real-time lead flow to actually begin.

Q: Can I get credit for bad leads?

If you deem your lead to be a faulty lead, you can submit your request for credit. We will review your submission and credit a lead if it falls within one or more of the following categories:

1) Disconnected phone number message
2) Wrong contact information
3) Already retained attorney & not seeking new counsel
4) Outside of the location area purchased
5) Duplicate lead
6) Wrong legal category
7) Past statute of limitations
You have 5 days to return a lead. Our verification department will confirm the reason(s) stated in all requests.

Q: Can I only target specific areas of law?

Are you kidding? That is our specialty and what sets us apart! You can choose from any number of practice areas you wish to receive leads from. We have the largest selection pool – more than anyone else. We offer leads from National areas covering your more traditional Mesothelioma/Asbestos leads to your major drug/pharma leads like Risperdal and Medical Device leads. We also offer more “local” leads, from Criminal & Family law leads to Same-Sex Marriage and Animal Bite leads, etc. And if you do not see anything listed that interests you, let us know and we can customize a campaign for you. Keep in mind that the more general areas of law you can handle and select, the more lead flow you will receive due to a larger net in matching leads to you. You can have different geographical setups for each category as well. Once we setup your location for each area of law and you have funded your account, leads will flow automatically.

Q: Can I target specific locations?

Of course you can. This is what often times sets us apart from other legal lead providers. You can limit your leads to a certain state or region. Better yet, most of the time you can target major metro cities or even down to certain ZIP codes. The larger the area you can accept leads for, the faster you will receive leads. That is why we at least recommend you start by selecting an entire state. But again, if you can’t handle the entire state, we have ZIP code targeting radiuses that allow you to choose a specified mile radius from your local ZIP code. This radius can be limited to state lines, so you do not have to worry about crossing over jurisdictions you are not licensed in. Lastly, you can provide us with a list of counties for your target locations.

Q: Will I have a designated Best Case Leads representative?

Yes. From the very start, you will be assigned an account manager, who will help you customize your lead program and more.

Q: Can I adjust my lead order or campaign at any time?

Yes. Just contact your account manager and they will help adjust the coverage or locations to address your objectives and budget.

Q: Do you offer reporting?

Yes. Every client receives access to a real-time personalized dashboard with statistics and reporting on their program.

Q: Can I add more than one person from my office to receive the leads?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions to the number of email addresses that can receive leads for your account.

Q: How long is my commitment?

There is no long term agreement. Your commitment is deposit to deposit. We collect an initial deposit that is used to pay for the leads we will deliver you, and you only pay for the actual leads you receive from that deposit. Once the deposit is completed, it will automatically replenish for another round unless you notify us that you would like to cancel your service.

Q: How many leads will become clients?

There are many factors that play into conversion – from differing consumer situations in particular practice areas and locations to intake and firm requirements.  As leads are not cases, we can’t guarantee specific conversion rates; however, our goal at Best Case Leads is to provide our clients with a valuable return on their investment. As our testimonials show, many of our clients with top-notch intake that follow our best practices, retain on average 10% to 20% of leads they receive from us.