Mass Tort Case Acquisition: Getting the Cases You Actually Want


Pick your tort & decide how much you want to invest.


We advertise and screen all inquiries to insure that each lead meets the custom criteria set by your firm. Our contract services team then goes to work retaining the cases via a combination of e-sign and physical mail-out packets.


We deliver the qualified case signups via e-signatures directly to your firm. That simple.

Best Case Leads Mass Torts is a case acquisition company, focusing on plaintiff mass torts and class actions. We provide a bottom-line mass tort case generation solution built on accuracy, efficiency and complete process transparency.

Get More Cases

We’re in the business of generating relentless growth for your law firm. Whether you’re looking for a high volume of lucrative, signed cases to settle in the latest, most profitable MDL, or you’re ready to take your personal injury law firm to market-leader status, we’re ready to get you where you want to go.

When you work with Best Case Leads, your success is personal to us. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing more than just generating leads — we’re dedicated to generating a high quality inventory of cases that’ll make a difference for your bottom line. We’ll give your law firm marketing efforts the time and attention it deserves, implementing the results-driven strategies that we’ve been unabatedly perfecting since 2015.

We Deliver Qualified Case Signups via E-signatures

Trusted by Leading, National Plaintiff Lawyers

All leads from Best Case Leads are:
1) Delivering high volume in a timely fashion
2) Accurately qualifying your claimants with rigorous intake process
3) Exceptional quality assurance review of every case
4) Competitive pricing for mass tort signed retainers

Our custom approach to lawyer lead generation helps us refine our list of leads to an exclusive list of qualified claimants. Our intake identification and screening process will find the right potential claimants so that all you need to worry about is helping your new clients.

Many legal marketing firms will promise high-quality leads, but in reality, they are providing a list of potential plaintiff that are unqualified. We understand that you need qualified retainers in order to continue helping people. Our experience in the industry allows us to find the right plaintiffs and deliver them directly to you.

We find people who are injured and need help or are actively seeking legal help. But Best Case Leads provides much more than just lawyer lead generation. Best Case Leads provides you with retained plaintiffs who are properly vetted and prequalified, matching your criteria for acceptance.

Media Buying

Every market is different and requires a custom, data-driven media buying strategy designed to outperform the competition — both on television and online. Armed with a team of expert negotiators, we know when, where, and how to place your investment to ensure that it generates the kind of return that’ll make a difference for your firm.

Creative Strategy

Our award-winning creative team will create content for you based on a proven methodology that we know makes the phones ring and converts the most viewers into qualified leads. And when it comes to your budget, we believe your ad dollars should be attributed entirely towards your media buy — that’s why we’ll even develop your ad creative entirely for free.

In-house Call Center & Pre-qualifications

Our professional intake associates are trained to handle each intake session with the highest level of quality and compassion. Our intake system is built upon unique parameters and algorithms that allow us to dynamically improve case quality and conversion rate. Claimants complete a customized questionnaire and qualification process based on your specifications. Our legal call centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a potential claimant reaches out via a webform we use custom SMS technology to schedule a call when it is convenient for them. Our call center is located in-house, unlike most in the industry, which allows our representatives to collaborate with others in the office in real-time. This enables our team to quickly make adjustments based on conversations with potential clients or with your law firm.

Deliver Retained Plaintiffs

Our call center will ensure that all of the claimants you receive have already been qualified. The highly trained representatives in our call center qualify all potential plaintiffs through our intake process that uses your specified criteria to determine if they are the right client for your law firm. Creating a solid, lasting relationship with your potential claimants is a process, and our caring intake team will expertly handle the first steps in building that connection. When available, pre-package your qualified retainer with the appropriate corresponding documents, such as hospital files and history, to help your new relationship and their fight for justice.

Contract Pursuit

Your time is valuable. That’s why we have a team dedicated to converting leads into cases so all you have to worry about is turning those cases into profitable settlements. Through “on-the-spot” digital conversion, email and text drip campaigns, and consistent and compassionate outreach, we’ll proudly deliver signed contracts directly to your inbox.

Our Team

Marilee D. Hazel, Esq.

Business Development Executive

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