Attorney Lead Generation Services

The Best Lead Generation for Your Law Firm 

When you open an account with Best Case Leads, you will be able to choose options that best suit your budget and your law practice. We will help you set up your pay-per-lead campaign to maximize your ROI. Focus only on the practice areas that make sense for you, and limit the number of leads you’ll receive to fit your marketing budget. Easily create the right lead generation campaign for your law firm, and change it over time as your legal practice grows. 

Best Case Leads extensive domain portfolio includes many premium, highly trafficked websites – offering you a unique source of qualified potential clients with legal needs relevant to your area of practice. All of our sites are expertly curated with legal information targeting people looking for legal answers online. 

Our lead generation program makes use of highly trafficked websites, such as:

These cover the gamut of consumer-focused practice areas and rely on SEO-driven traffic to generate a large volume of inquiries. With this network of quality websites driving organic traffic, we’ve built a source of qualified traffic that converts into high value legal leads. Best Case Leads delivers these leads on a rotation model—excluively contacting one lawyer after another. For our network of lawyers, this offers a unique source of new potential clients with legal needs relevant to their area of practice. 

We generate our leads using strategies with proven results

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Microsites
  • Landing Pages
  • Banner Ads
  • Publishers
  • Paid Search
  • Social Ads

We create ads, develop landing pages, shoot photos, record videos, and buy media – whatever your campaign needs to generate high quality leads. However, you don’t pay for any of that. You only pay a fixed price per lead and our goal is to work with you to get the best results.

Grow your practice and dramatically increase revenue with our multichannel marketing solutions and quality leads delivered every month. Over 500 law firms nationwide trust Best Case Leads to provide quality, exclusive leads to grow their Practice and expand their reach.

Running a successful legal firm is challenging. Our marketing solutions can connect you with more qualified consumers looking for legal representation. With options for our Lead Management System and direct-to-you call features, we can streamline your intake process and provide consistent delivery on leads that will propel your success.

Our process

Dynamic marketing solutions can improve your firm’s lead contact and conversion rates – immediately.


We find your ideal leads, wherever they are. Our multi-channel marketing solutions put us where your future clients are. 


Using every major online and traditional marketing channel, our team initiates contact with your consumers and ensures the right fit with your firm.


Attract the right prospects, every time. Matching your specific criteria, we target and engage the best leads to grow your practice.


Save time and money. Our team confirms lead criteria and demographics before connecting them with you.


Marketing strategies have changed. Our team can connect you with the right leads, in the right way, at the right time. Reserve your competitive cost-per-case leads today and have them delivered directly to your phone, text message, email, or preferred CRM.

We have sold 1.5 Million leads and counting

Our legal partners count on us to fuel their firms with continued growth. Our specialty is connecting clients with consumers at the exact point in the consumer journey that clients want to target. For our practice areas, our lead model delivers inquiries that are four times more likely to convert than those of our competitors.

Competition is fierce, and the marketing techniques you’ve used in the past won’t work with today’s consumers. Connect with us to learn how our marketing mix can grow your law firm and increase your revenue immediately.

Start expanding your caseload immediately

Spend more time working cases and seeing increased revenue. 

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