Auto Accident with Injury Leads

Our highly prized Auto Accident Leads are real-time and exclusive, meaning you are not competing with other firms in a rat race to see who will get the prospect to answer the phone first. Our exclusive leads are requests for legal help by those victims that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have been injured. You also do not have to worry about filtering through “other” purchased Personal injury leads, like slip and fall accidents, dog bites, or Med Mal leads, to get to the money-making Auto Accident leads.


All of our Motor Vehicle Accident Leads meet the following qualified criteria or else you can request a credit for that lead:
  • An injury occurred.
  • Is it not the fault of the prospect.
  • An Attorney has not been already retained.
  • The accident occurred within the State’s Statute of Limitations.


Once a lead selects the category for Auto Accident Injuries, we pose a series of follow-up questions:
  • Statue of Limitations: We now collect informaiton on when the accident took place to help filter out unreasonable requests that are beyond any state’s statute of limitations.
  • Fault: In response to the query “Were you at fault?” we now include options for “No, another human being was at fault,” “Yes, I was cited or caused the accident,” or “The accident involved a tree, animal, or act of nature.”
  • Medical Treatment: We will determine whether they have been treated by a doctor or hospital for injuries related to the accident.


In addition to these criteria, we now DOUBLE-VERIFY that the lead is in the right category. A further series of questions are designed to make sure the lead isn’t actually a Personal Injury. Workers’ Compensation, or Malpractice case, for example.

Leads can be purchased in minimum monthly increments of 25, 50, or 100 leads depending on geographical scope. Due to heavy demand nationwide, Motor Vehicle Accident Leads are currently sold on a statewide or national basis. We also offer Live Lead Transfers for Personal Injury and Auto Accidents leads as well as pre-screened warm transfer calls.

Motor vehicle collision (MVC), traffic accident, motor vehicle accident, car accident, automobile accident, road traffic collision, road traffic accident, wreck, car crash, or car smash occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree or utility pole. Traffic collisions may result in injury, death and property damage. According to the Insurance Research Council, more than 2 million people are injured in automobile crashes every year. The average claim for injuries to cover both the insured driver and others involved in the crash have risen to over $23,500 thanks in large part to soaring medical costs. Awards for pain and suffering can multiply settlement figures many times over. Motor vehicle accident victims want an attorney who will be proactive and fight for the best possible settlement.

Over 2 million people are hurt in car crashes every year in the US.

Using lead generation to bring in new clients is a powerful way to build your practice. The auto accident leads Best Case generates come from car crash victims who have expressed an interest in talking to an attorney. Best Case Leads connects your firm with clients specifically looking for legal representation in your desired geography, then sends them to you – in real time. Best Case Leads prides itself on thorough screening and fast delivery. The quicker we can connect new auto accident prospects with you, the greater the likelihood of retaining them as a new client.

Our Auto Accident Injury Leads are very reasonably priced and are a far superior value than offered by our largest competitor: Pay-Per-Click search engine traffic. Here are some of current keyword prices per click:

Personal Injury Leads Keywords

These  are prices that you pay per click to get a person to visit your website when he or she is searching for a personal injury attorney. However, just because a person clicks your ad, does not mean she will call your office to set up an appointment. How many clicks does it take before a website visitor picks up the phone to call? Five? Ten?

Our leads come in the form of actual victims who are calling for to hire an Attorney or are looking to make an appointment with a law office. They are the most valuable Auto Accident with Injury leads in the industry, and are the best value available, for several very important reasons:

First, our Motor Vehicle Accident with Injury leads are exclusive. Our leads go exclusively to you, and only you. If you’re paying for pay-per-click traffic, the people using a search engine have many choices. They may click and visit your site, and for whatever reason – don’t like the color, the images, the wording, or any of a multitude of reasons – and simply click the back button and visit another site. That’s money down the drain. Compare that to our leads; you don’t pay for wasted clicks – you only pay for genuine leads of injured victims seeking legal help. Clearly, our exclusive personal injury leads are a much better value.

Additionally, our Motor Vehicle Accident with Injury leads are instantaneous, meaning you receive them in real-time, at the exact moment the client is reaching out for a personal injury attorney. We know the value of a hot, fresh, exclusive lead. That’s why we’ve structured our system to only provide real-time Auto Accident leads. You receive the lead at the exact moment the injury victim is reaching out for representation. No delays. No stale leads. Ever.

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