Intellectual Property Leads

Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law Leads are real-time and exclusive. These are requests for legal help involving copyright, trademark, and patent law.

Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law Leads are in themselves their own category. Right now those who buy this category of leads needs to be able to handle all of these areas since they are not separated out individually.

Leads can be purchased in very limited quantities on a monthly basis. Leads can target local DMA, state, or in most instances, national scope.

We often receive inquiries from those who have created something new – whether it is artistic or scientific – and you wish to protect the rights to their invention and need legal help from an intellectual property lawyer. Some write in needing an Intellectual property lawyer to help them react to unauthorized use and misuse of their intellectual property in cases like copyright infringement. Most are looking to hire a local intellectual property lawyer to help them proactively and reactively protect their intellectual property.

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