IRS Tax Relief Leads

Tax Law Leads are real-time, exclusive and in very high-demand. These leads are requests by individuals seeking legal help involving Tax Law related issues, with most needing Tax Relief. We automatically eliminate the following practice areas from the list below: property tax, form questions, and payroll taxes unless you inform us of your interest in handling these areas as well.

Tax Law Practice Areas

  • Audits
  • Back Income Taxes
  • Garnishment from IRS
  • IRS/State Tax Levy
  • Payroll Tax
  • Questions for Tax Form ONLY
  • Settle Back Taxes
  • Unfiled Returns

Leads can be purchased in monthly increments of 25, 50, or in some very rare instances, 100 leads depending on geographical interest. Leads can target local DMA, state, or national. We suggest only 25 Tax Law leads for solo practitioners and 50 for larger-sized firms with call centers.

We get inquiries from individual, and sometimes business, taxpayers seeking tax-related legal help. They are looking for a tax lawyer to assist them with understanding tax laws and resolving tax liens, back taxes, tax debt recovery and relief, and IRS compliance issues. Many are looking to hire a local tax lawyer to help structure an offer and compromise, fight IRS collections, and assist with wage and garnishment releases.

While some tax attorneys are able to do quite well waiting for the big tax client – wealthy individuals and corporations – many other firms do a volume-based business servicing personal and debt-related tax problems. For this type of tax law practice, you’re often working with clients who have limited financial resources, unrealistic expectations, yet have a small mountain of paperwork covering many years of tax returns. To navigate this business environment with the limited time you have, you need an effective way to find leads for tax cases that zero in on those prospects who have a legitimate potential to become fee-paying clients.

Traditional lead generation strategies – direct mail, call center referrals, radio and TV advertisements, tax lien databases – do still have an important role to play in generating new business opportunities for your firm. But it’s online service request sites that have truly raised the bar for what lead marketing has to offer your legal practice.

Part of this market trend is simply a result of new consumer behavior. The proliferation of web-based tax filing services has increased taxpayers’ awareness and expectation of finding tax help online. Yet, by us requiring users to fill out detailed online forms, more information about the prospective client can be furnished when the lead is generated.

Best Case Leads