Social Security Disability Leads

SSDI or Social Security Disability Leads are real-time and exclusive. These leads are requests for legal help involving Social Security Disability with the ability to take all or eliminate some of the practice areas listed below.

Niche Practice Areas

  • Social Security Disability: Application
  • Social Security Disability: Denial
  • Social Security Disability: Overpayment

Leads can target local DMA, state, or national. We are now confirming:

  • That the person is looking to obtain SSD benefits vs. Workers’ Compensation benefits vs. being asked to pay back benefit payments.
  • That the person has been forced to stop or reduce work hours.
  • Whether the person has applied for SSD before and if their claim was denied.

As always, we are confirming that the person is not currently represented.

This means that we can filter by age and work reduction!

We receive daily inquiries from people unable to work because of a long-term disability and are looking for eligibility to receive social security – disability benefits (SSDI) from the government. They need a social security disability lawyer for guidance through the claims process and resolve any problems that arise with SSDI claims and benefits.

We Find the Social Security Disability Leads For You! We understand that your firm doesn’t have time to waste on social security disability leads that cannot qualify for SSD benefits. That is why we filter out over 30% of our leads based on age and work status along with the following filtering objectives.

SSD Lead Filtering System

If they have already applied for SSD benefits

If they are being treated or seeking treatment for disability

Description of disability and physical/mental limitations

If they have a disability that prevents them from working for at least 12 months

If an attorney is already helping with the case, and more.

The result: a more qualified SSI or SSDI lead that is more likely to become a client.

Social Security Disability (SSD) lead generation is one of our largest and most developed areas of legal lead generation. We have generated over one million leads since starting and are currently generating many thousands of leads every week. Working with hundreds of Social Security Disability attorneys and advocates has allowed us to continually improve lead quality over the past six plus years.

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