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Best Case Leads generation service connects workers’ compensation attorneys immediately with consumers at the moment they are most likely to need legal help — while searching online for legal information related to workplace accidents, work injury claims, and workers’ compensation benefits.. They are looking to hire a local worker’s compensation lawyer to get compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

A powerful campaign of high quality Workers Compensation leads ensures that your law firm will have a steady stream of potential new cases and increased revenue.

Approximately 3 million work-related accidents and fatalities are reported every year in the United States. State laws provide for important benefits to injured employees or their dependents if they are killed because of work-related accidents or illnesses.

Accident Areas TargetedConstruction | Equipment Malfunctions | Fires & Explosions | Chemical Exposure | Manufacturing | Scaffolding | Third-Party Claims | Work-Related Falls | Other Work Injuries


The majority of our traffic comes from organic Google searches. Our top-notch editorial team maintains a library of legal content that your potential clients are looking for, and our SEO team makes sure it’s highly visible in Google and other search engines.

Our websites generate traffic from millions of keywords related to job-related accidents, workers’ compensation, and injured workers’ rights. To give you an idea of how people wind up on our network, here is a small sample of keywords people search for:

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Our work injury related websites have articles and information about the workers compensation process. When users see our organic or paid search listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo they click through to our site. If they decide they want to have an attorney review their case, they fill out our workers comp case review form. This form captures their contact information (name, address, email and phone) and asks several other questions including:

  • Were you physically injured at work and was it work-related? — Must answer  “Yes”
  • Date of the injury
  • Did the injury cause you to miss more than 5 days of full-time work — Must answer “Yes”
  • Is an attorney helping you with your case? — Must answer “No”
  • Not at fault.
  • The workplace accident happened within the statute of limitations for workers compensation cases in your state
  • Not a government employee or a member of a labor union

Additional Workers Compensation Lead Criteria

  • All workers comp leads are exclusive to your law firm–not split or shared and sent to any other attorneys
  • We guarantee a working phone number (we will credit for wrong or disconnected numbers)

Common Workplace Injuries

Middle-aged Americans are the most likely to get injured on the job (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is primarily because older adults are typically still working but not yet retired and may not be as fit as they once were. Employees past middle age may also have more difficulty getting retrained for a new job and potentially be entitled to a higher workers compensation claim settlement.

Of activities that caused fatal labor injuries, automobile accidents were more than twice as common as any other job task, including operating heavy machinery or working on a construction site.

Service industry workers have significantly more non-fatal injuries per year than office jobs, computer programming or management. The most common workers compensation injuries are slip and fall or overexertion, flame and chemical burns.

While elbow, knee and back injuries are most common, head injuries can be much more serious. Head injuries are the most common type of fatal workers compensation claims. A traumatic brain injury usually means your claimant will have high hospital bills and require a long time to recover before returning to work, if he or she recovers fully at all.

When employers or their insurer have failed to address the severity of a serious work-related accident or injury, employees often need the help of an experienced attorney who will ensure that they will receive the maximum settlement allowable by law.

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