Workers Compensation Leads

Workers’ Compensation Leads for lawyers are real-time and exclusive and are very popular. These leads are requests for legal help involving Workers’ Compensation.

Workers’ Comp Leads are in themselves their own practice area category. Leads are slightly higher priced for the states of New York, Illinois, and California where the advertising costs and demand is a lot higher than other regions. Leads can be purchased in monthly increments of 25, 50, or in some very rare instances, 100 leads depending on geographical scope. Leads can target any state or be national.

Best Case Leads gets many inquiries from those who were injured on the job and believe they are entitled to workers’ compensation. They are seeking assistance from a workers’ compensation lawyer for help with matters arising out of workplace injuries – including back and spine injuries and construction-related accidents. They are looking to hire a local worker’s compensation lawyer to get compensation for medical bills and lost wages.


Our work injury related websites have articles and information about the workers compensation process. When users see our organic or paid search listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo they click through to our site. If they decide they want to have an attorney review their case, they fill out our workers comp case review form. This form captures their contact information (name, address, email and phone) and asks several other questions including:

  • Were you physically injured at work and was it work-related? — Must answer  “Yes”
  • Date of the injury
  • Did the injury cause you to miss more than 5 days of full-time work — Must answer “Yes”
  • Is an attorney helping you with your case? — Must answer “No”
  • Not at fault.
  • Within Statute of Limitation
  • Not a government employee or a member of a labor union

FACT: Each year, more than 4.1 million people in the United States suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness. Workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries cost society $155.5 billion annually.

Workplace injuries are very common today; they affect people of all types of work, age range, and of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Start expanding your client base immediately with our premier online workers compensation lead generation services!

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