Vigilant Legal Shield: Safeguarding Against Mass Tort Fraud

Welcome to Best Case Leads Legal Shield, your dedicated ally in fortifying lead generation and transactions within the legal sphere. We pride ourselves on pioneering innovative solutions to combat fraud, ensuring a secure landscape for legal proceedings.

Fortifying Retainer Verification

At Best Case Leads Legal Shield, we introduce a groundbreaking due diligence solution tailored specifically for the legal and mass litigation sector. Our state-of-the-art system is adept at swiftly identifying fraudulent leads, simplifying the verification process for potential litigants referred to law firms. Through seamless automation, we shield your business from the perils of fraud, employing a meticulous digital approach.

How Best Case Leads Legal Shield Works

Embracing cutting-edge technologies including behavioral biometrics, email security assessments, and identity verification, we empower law firms to distinguish between genuine applicants and fraudulent leads.

Step 1 – Applicant Check

We meticulously examine the applicant’s device attributes, analyzing factors such as device type, platform, and digital identity to detect any signs of fraudulent activity.

Step 2 – Behavior Analysis

Our system scrutinizes user actions during submission, evaluating mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen behavior to identify potential fraud indicators such as automated processes.

Step 3 – Email Security:

Going beyond mere email validity, we assess factors such as speed, provider reputation, and recent activity to determine the likelihood of fraud, ensuring a comprehensive review process.

Step 4 – ID Verification & Fraud Check

Utilizing live databases and behavioral analysis, we validate identity and scrutinize behavior for inconsistencies, effectively exposing fraud attempts and false data.

Successful Completion: Valid Leads

Genuine applicants seamlessly progress to buyers, while our Legal Shield ID Score flags fraudulent leads for removal. With us, you can trust in secure lead acquisition within the legal sector.

Your Security, Our Commitment

At Best Case Leads Legal Shield, your security is paramount. Our verification process isn’t just a protocol—it’s a steadfast commitment to upholding the integrity of every lead encountered. Through advanced technologies and rigorous analyses, we guarantee that the applicants you engage with are authentic, reliable, and devoid of any fraudulent activities.


Place your trust in Best Case Leads Legal Shield, where your security is our unwavering priority. With our vigilant defense against mass tort fraud, you can navigate the legal landscape with confidence and peace of mind.

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