Small-Firm Lawyers Need Help, Too! Tips for Getting Your Firm Off the Ground

The most critical thing for lawyers who want to start their own business is attracting clients to their firm. One of the ways that lawyers do this is by demonstrating thoughtful leadership in their field and by putting timely information in front of potential clients.

Create a Really Good Website

While potential clients can come to you in many different ways, one of the major methods that a new law firm has of reaching clients is through a website. According to this guide, “the website needs to be both professional and informative and easy to use.” Potential clients may spend only a few seconds on your website before they decide whether you are an attorney with whom they want to engage further. Information on the website must be both accurate and effectively presented. Needless to say, the design must be navigable and the website free of any errors.

Specify Content

Clients may find your website by searching for information on a specific topic. If your website has an article or other relevant content, your firm will show up in search results, drawing traffic to your page. Your work that is shown on the website is a great opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your field. People tend to respect a lawyer’s viewpoint as authoritative, and a thoughtful and helpful editorial piece will only enhance that reputation among potential clients. Content topics for lawyers should relate to as broad an audience as possible. According to this resource on legal blogging, “most consumer attorneys tend to think that their entire audience are the potential clients who will hire them. While that’s probably mostly true, an attorney’s total audience actually consists of the following: potential clients, attorneys or judges, potential citation sources (backlinks from content creators), journalists researching a story, and professors and students.”

Showcase Your Background

When clients retain a lawyer for their services, they are making an investment in that lawyer. Potential clients will want to get a sense of who a lawyer is as much as they want to understand what the lawyer knows. Your website should have a professional biography that highlights your background and that provides information about you. This presentation should be done as professionally as possible.

Make Connections

Lawyers just starting out on their own should never miss an opportunity to get their names out there. They should be extraordinarily active in attending public events, both with the public as well as with other lawyers. This article cautions, “although it is tempting to look at other lawyers as competition, these fellow professionals can also serve as a valuable source of referrals when they cannot take a case themselves.” The more your name and your face are seen, the more clients may come to know you.

Starting a new law firm is a daunting experience, but by being proactive and visible, your new firm can take shape quicker than you might expect.

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