3 Tips for Expanding Your Law Firm

Heading out on your own and creating an individual law office is always an exciting yet scary prospect. Once you have gotten started, you will continuously be focused on growing your practice. Here are some pointers for how to grow business at your law firm.

Develop a Clear Strategy

Lawyers will need to have a target demographic to which to market their services. According to Lasting Trend, advertising efforts will not be effective unless they are focused and coordinated. When the lawyer has chosen his or her intended clientele, he or she can proceed with his or her efforts to become visible to them. Choosing a strategy will require extensive market research and knowledge of the potential roster of clients. Lawyers should then figure out which type of marketing works for each demographic. This requires an interdisciplinary effort between subject matter experts and those with marketing knowledge.

Find Funding

Law is like any other business where expansion requires a capital investment. This could be for hiring new lawyers or purchasing improved technology that can be the backbone of a larger practice. Monthly revenue and the business’s operating history will be important factors in whether the law firm can qualify for funding. According to Sunwise Capital, the likelihood of being approved for loans and good rates is positively proportionate to the amount of time a business has been operating. In other words, law firms cannot simply decide to seek funding without some forethought and planning. Law firms will need to marshal extensive documentation that shows their revenue history as well as their growth projections based on their prior history.

Enhance Web Presence

So much about law firm business depends on visibility. Clients increasingly find their lawyers online as opposed to by word of mouth. This means that your law firm needs to be in the top search results for Google. Accordingly, you should invest in search engine optimization to make your website more friendly to search engines. This means putting out frequent content on your web page that includes keywords tailored to certain web searches. This requires a concerted effort and planning ahead of time in order to develop a campaign. According to, you should also invest in making your website more user-friendly since that also enhances search rankings and reflects a more professional appearance.

Law firms do not have to remain stuck in the same place. You can get ahead and increase the size of your practice with an active and concerted strategy.

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