How We Generate the Best Mass Tort Leads for Law Firms

mass tort leads

The phrases “mass marketing” and “mass production” don’t usually conjure up thoughts of quality targeting or manufacturing.

Yet, we recognize with the droves of law firms competing for mass tort leads that being able to target quality, qualified leads is a must. Low-quality leads can mean hours of wasted time for a law firm. This comes from calling potential lead after potential lead to gather their information only to find out they aren’t qualified.

This can be especially difficult for smaller law firms with limited resources for pursuing such potential leads.

This article explains a couple of the ways we generate the best leads for quick conversion.

Information Gathering

The best kind of lead is one that has the “cold” taken out of the “cold call”. This means you have as much information on these leads as possible before even contacting them.

This is where many mass tort lead generation companies fail. Even if they can provide the quantity, they often lack the ability to provide quality.

We prefer to do both. That’s why before we ever even transfer leads, we gather as much information on them as possible. This means you can spend less time figuring out if they are even qualified and more time converting them.

We do this by providing forms for consumers to fill out which allow them to provide case and request-specific information. We also learn if their case or request falls into your practice area as well as if their geographic location is one you cover.

This means when you receive mass tort leads from us, they will already be leads you can service.

Qualifying Mass Tort Leads Through SEO

When people have a question about the side-effects they are experiencing from taking a certain drug, where do they go? What about if someone wants to learn if others have gotten hurt due to a faulty product?

Likely, the first place they will go is online and use a search engine to find their answer. This means those who have been affected by an issue covered in your practice area–i.e., a qualified lead–will be getting their first line of information from the sites they see based on what exactly they searched.

To make sure we are in a top position to provide this information to qualified leads, we prioritize SEO in our mass tort marketing.

We do so in many ways including keyword targeting and content production.

Keyword Targeting

This is where we make it a point to know exactly what people are typing into their search engines when they are looking for an answer to their specific problems.

This allows us to use these popular keywords and long-tail keywords to make sure our microsites rank in the top positions of search engines. This increases the likelihood that a potential lead will come to us for more information.

Targeted Content Production

Knowing exactly what problems people are searching for answers to has another benefit. It allows us to produce content that targets these different practice areas.

We have a staff of attorneys and editors who consistently produce articles providing this type of information on every major practice area.

Thereby the leads we generate for you from these microsite information sources will already have shown interest. These are the type of qualified leads that can be quickly converted.

High Volume Plus High Qualification Equals Greater Success

Quantity usually sacrifices quality and quality usually sacrifices quantity. But in the competitive world of qualified mass tort lead generation, neither of these sacrifices are ones small law firms can afford to make.

Start the process with us for gaining more high-quality, targeted mass tort leads that will lead to a higher rate of conversion success.