Lawyer Referral Services and Legal Lead Generation: How They Compare

lead generation

lead generationAre you an attorney looking for ways to increase your client base?

There are more than 1.35 million lawyers in the United States. The sheer number of lawyers across the country makes it important for you to find ways to market your practice.

Some of the most effective ways to accomplish this are through lawyer referral services and legal lead generation.

But do you know the difference between these two options?

Read on to learn more about legal lead generation and how it is different from a lawyer referral service.

Generating Leads

A legal lead generation company, as its name indicates, helps to generate leads for your law firm.

These companies, however, are not law firms and are not composed of practicing attorneys and paralegals. Instead, these businesses act as intermediaries between a potential client and your law firm.

For example, a legal lead generator may be composed of a non-law company’s website. A potential client may visit the web page and click on a link found on that company’s landing page that takes them directly to your web page.

This means that in a matter of seconds, a potential client can find your law firm!

Referral Services

Lawyer referral services are other law firms that direct potential clients to your practice.

Representatives of these law firms will speak to potential clients about their unique situation. During that consultation, they will learn some of the unique facts about their case.

For example, a lawyer referral service may consist of an accident lawyer helpline. They act as a centralized point of contact for potential clients to begin the process.

Once a referral service gathers initial information about a potential client’s circumstances, they will direct the potential client to you.

Remember that the ethical rules in the state where you practice govern how you may split attorney’s fees with a referral service.

Work Together

It’s not uncommon for legal lead generators and lawyer referral services to operate together.

Sometimes, a legal lead generator will be the first point of contact for a client. Once that person clicks the link or makes a phone call, they will be directed to a lawyer referral service.

From there the lawyer referral service will begin gathering information before sending a potential client your way.

Although these companies may work together in a way, they are separate businesses and are paid differently. The ethical rules for attorneys prohibit a legal professional from splitting fees with a non-attorney.

This means that a legal lead generator can only be paid on a flat-fee basis – often for each lead it originates for your business.

Wrapping Up: The Importance of Lead Generation

In today’s digital age, it’s important for your law firm to find ways to differentiate itself from the competition.

Although you may be a skilled lawyer with valuable experience, lead generators give you an additional way to reach a wider pool of potential clients.

By taking time to find the best lead generation company for your firm, you can use the service to help you continue growing your practice!

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