How is a Personal Injury Lead Delivered?

personal injury lead

personal injury leadEvery year nearly 40 million people in the United States visit the doctor due to an unintentional injury. For law firms specializing in personal injury, this provides many potential clients to represent who are hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

Legal representation is a service like many other industries, but selling isn’t as easy. You simply can’t cold call to find new business. Besides building a reputation, the best method to receiving new clients is through personal injury leads.

Are you looking to grow your law firm with promising cases of those who need legal help? Keep reading to learn more about getting a personal injury lead delivered.

Personal Injury Lead Generation Services

A lead generation service specializes in gathering and distributing promising cases. These leads typically come from website forms where victims submit their case details and contact information that are organized by accident type.

The biggest advantage to this is by simply paying for this service you get immediate access to potential new clients. You’ll already have a summary of the injury case and can determine if it may be a good fit before taking the time to set up a consultation.

Certain services may specialize by personal injury type depending on your firm’s experience and resources. This ranges from auto accident leads, to slip and fall cases, to medical malpractice. Most services are subscription-based with replacement policies if a lead is deemed faulty.

Many services may also offer live transfer leads in which incoming leads are immediately transferred to you in real-time. This helps minimize any delay in communicating with a new potential client who recently began his or her search for a lawyer.

Generating Leads On Your Own

While paying for leads is practical, this isn’t the only method you have to rely on. It’s very well possible to generate leads on your own through your website. Yet, this still requires you to pay upfront.

Rather than use your money for a personal injury lead generation service, you can instead invest in digital marketing to generate leads. When someone is injured, where is the first place he or she will likely consult? The answer is the Internet.

People use resources like Google to ask questions and see what options exist for them. Search engine optimization (SEO) is perfect for helping your law firm be at the top of that list when people click search.

Rather than using traditional methods like banner ads, SEO influences potential clients to click on your website. This is from matching keywords and phrases applicable to what they search for.

Market Yourself For Leads

Whether you’re using a lead generation service or digital marketing to grow your clientele, first impressions are everything. Particularly, your website.

You may draw potential clients to your firm, but an unprofessional appearance or distorted brand can cause you to lose business. Design your website to be visually appealing with complementing colors and graphics. Make it easy to navigate and a hassle-free process for someone to contact you.

If you don’t have these resources available in-house, hire outside marketing help. They can likely also offer resources for digital advertising.

Following Up and Persistency

Getting a promising personal injury lead is only half of the battle. Punctuality and consistent follow up is crucial in converting a lead to new business. The longer you wait to contact a victim, the more time they have to find another firm to help them instead.

Growing your law firm takes time and dedication. We help lawyers by providing the proper information, technological resources, and insight on the right time to contact potential new clients. Contact us to learn more about increasing your clientele.

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