Lucrative Prospects: Growing Your Firm with Foreclosure Defense Leads

foreclosure defense

foreclosure defense

Every three months another 250,000 new families enter into foreclosure. For foreclosure defense law firms, this represents a significant potential client base.

To successfully grow a law firm though, lawyers need to connect with these people. This is a dilemma, though, do lawyer spend time sourcing future clients or representing current clients.

The answer to this dilemma is foreclosure defense leads. This type of service takes the time-consuming work out of sourcing new clients. That way, foreclosure defense attorneys can focus on what they do best. Keep reading to learn how to generate these leads.

Comprehensive Information

One of the most time-consuming parts of starting with a new client is gathering all of the necessary information. With provided leads, lawyers could have everything they need to know delivered in a nice package.

This lets them focus on the essential facts of the foreclosure at hand. Now valuable time is dedicated to representation. Here are some of the data points you can expect to receive.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Mortgage balance
  • Lender
  • Notice of default
  • Credit grade
  • Ownership and loan status

Quality Guarantee

Nothing is worse than wasting time putting effort into a potential new client, only to find out it is a dead end. With paid leads, attorneys can gain some of that investment back.

Since the leads come from a reputable source, every lead goes through a detailed verification process. So the occurrence of bad leads is rare.

Should a lawyer stumble across a bad lead with incorrect information, it will be replaced with a new one.

Convenient Delivery

Once a new client meets with an attorney, their information needs entering into the firm’s client database. But what if this could be done automatically? It would lower overhead costs and increase productivity.

A foreclosure lead service that can integrate with CRM and intake systems is the perfect solution. Leads can be delivered in real-time to any system that will accept incoming information.


Many lawyers only factor in actual costs when determining the cost of obtaining a new client. However, they tend to leave out a significant expense: time. For an accurate cost, the lawyer’s time needs to be included.

Consider this: an attorney charges $300 per hour. So for every hour spent sourcing new clients, that is $300 that the lawyer could have made but didn’t.

Attorneys that use lead services reduce their lost opportunity costs by reducing the amount of time they spend chasing down potential new clients.

At just $30 per lead, a lead service is well worth it for the price. Especially when considered that the lead is vetted and qualified, this means a higher rate of hiring.

Increase the Number of Foreclosure Defense Leads

Foreclosure defense leads are an ideal way of increasing a law firm’s business while keeping new client costs down. Attorneys can focus on intake and representation and leave sourcing to the pros.

There are plenty of clients that need representation. A lead service can connect potential clients with law firms.

Sign up for free today and start getting qualified leads for your law firm.

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