The Top Legal Marketing Trends of 2019

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Are you struggling to bring in new, quality leads to your law firm?

Over the past several years, good lead leads have become harder to generate. Why?

Law firm marketing strategies work best when they take advantage of what’s trending. Due to social media, what’s trending changes by the minute.

So, what are the best attorney lead generation strategies for 2019? Keep reading to find out.

Hosting a Podcast

Are you a podcast subscriber yet? Statistics show that about half of all US homes contain podcast fans. The popularity of these audio talks has skyrocketed in recent years.

Podcasting is an effective type of marketing for lawyers because of this method:

  • Draws in listeners and generates leads
  • Allows you to build a relationship with potential clients
  • Increases networking with other notable lawyers and firms
  • Builds credibility

If you need ideas on how to start, then listen to some established legal podcasts. After a few episodes, you should have a clear idea of what legal podcasts should sound like.

Creating Quality Content

Another proven attorney marketing strategy is generating leads through blogging. This method is still relevant in 2019 because people still turn to Google for free legal advice.

How can you draw these people to your firm? Give the people what they want! Begin generating content that’s interesting to your target customers.

Blogging makes up a huge percentage of online marketing for law firms. Why? This method will bring in more qualified leads. You can also incorporate other strategies like SEO and guest posting into your blogs.

Attorney Lead Generation With Chatbots

Have you ever chatted with a robot? If you’ve chatted online, then there’s a good chance you have.

Bots are computer programs that automate tasks. Chatbots are capable of holding conversations with potential customers.

They can also turn internet traffic into quality leads and root out bad leads. That’s why many are calling chatbots the future of marketing.

The best way to use a chatbot is to put one on your legal website. Users can interact with the bot if they have questions. Be sure to include your legal log on the bot service so customers know who they’re chatting with.


One of the latest attorney marketing strategies is Geo-fencing. This strategy means advertising to individuals who are in the physical vicinity.

This strategy is popular because it creates good leads and improves existing leads.

Hiring a Lead Generation Company

If you’ve tried the above strategies and still come up short, then it may be time to enlist a professional. Lead generation companies help connect people who need legal services with lawyers.

The company you choose will have a major impact on whether this strategy works or not.

Marketing For The Future

The best way to execute attorney lead generation is always changing. You can’t count on last year’s strategies to work this year. If you want results, then you’ll have to put in some significant effort.

Are you considering using a lead generation company to boost your client base? Head over to our Testimonials Page to hear what our clients have to say before you make your decision.

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