Marketing for Lawyers: 5 Reasons to Use Social Media and Tips for Doing It Right

marketing for lawyers

Social media is an effective way for law firms to reach existing and potential clients. Over 90 percent of marketers consider social media an impactful and valuable tool for their business.

The same holds true in the legal industry. Social media is proven to increase web traffic and promote customer loyalty, amongst many other benefits.

Read on to learn why marketing for lawyers requires a robust social media strategy. Explore 5 reasons why lawyers should use social media to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

1. Increase Web Traffic

This is one of the primary benefits of law firms utilizing social media. Without social media, the majority of web traffic is from clients who already know the law firm.

Social media is a great way to reach new clients. Posts on Facebook or Twitter are shared on social media and reach people outside the existing network. By publishing quality content on social media platforms, people are being directed to the firm’s website. Some of these visitors become clients when they are ready to use legal services.

2. Retain Existing Customers

Another reason to use social media is to maintain communication with the law firm’s existing customer base. Maintaining an active social media account and publishing quality content keeps the law firm fresh in customers’ minds.

The evidence is clear that social media promotes brand loyalty. One study concluded that 38% of Americans are loyal to brands that they follow on social media.

3. Social Media Is Cheap

What if there was an effective marketing strategy that was cheaper than most of its alternatives? Most law firms would jump at the opportunity to reduce marketing expenses without sacrificing the tangible benefits.

Social media is the embodiment of this situation. Launching a social media account is free of charge for most major platforms. Firms can pay Facebook or Twitter for promotion, but the costs are considerably lower than traditional advertisement sources.

4. Improved Search Engine Optimization Rankings

Besides social media, the other primary method that new customers use to find a law firm is through internet search engines like Google. To direct browsers to a firm’s website, the emphasis is placed on a tactic called search engine optimization (SEO).

While algorithms are unknown, industry experts believe that search engines take social media presence into account for search ratings. This means that SEO strategies should take social media into account.

5. Receive Customer Feedback

Many law firms struggle to get constructive feedback from clients. Social media provides law firms with a valuable tool to rectify this issue.

For starters, a social media account is a perfect resource to see what a law firm is doing right and wrong. It is also a great place to publish customer testimonials.

Marketing for Lawyers – Wrapping It Up

Social media is not just a place to keep up with family photos and current events. Instead, it is a cheap and valuable resource to communicate with prior clients and track down new ones.

If your law firm is interested in social media marketing for lawyers, please contact us to learn more.

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