What Is Attorney Lead Generation and How Do You Benefit From It?

attorney lead generation

attorney lead generation

A law firm without clients is nothing more than a stack of office supplies and an expensive lease.

You dedicated your career to law to help others navigate it more easily. If you wanted to be a salesperson, you didn’t need the extra four years of school. Unfortunately, sales are how you practice what you love.

Attorney lead generation is the first step in selling your services, and the digital age means the process is more natural and less expensive than it was in the past.

Marketing for lawyers is a lifestyle, not a project. If you apply that mantra to attorney lead generation, you’ll see your law practice explode.

Attorney Lead Generation: The Basics

As attorneys, you want to generate leads from as many sources as you can. Most businesses have two options: outbound and inbound lead generation.

Outbound generation refers to talking directly to potential clients. While many businesses have that option, attorneys who speak directly to potential clients are more likely to be ambulance chasers–a practice that may not be illegal but at the very least frowned upon and often banned by state bars.

Your option then is to maximize your inbound lead generation. Incoming leads reach out to you. But how do they know where to find you? Because being a first-rate attorney isn’t working.

Inbound lead generation requires laying out a breadcrumb trail of incentives and information that leads your clients right to you.

Where to Start Your Trail

Where does anyone find anything in today’s world? Even when they get information from a friend, the average person’s response is: “I’m going to Google that later.” Your job is to be there when it’s time for “later.”

Attorney lead generation leverages a combination of search engine strategies and social media to:

  1. Make you visible to relevant searches
  2. Show you know what you’re talking about

How do you do that? You use a combination of search engine optimization strategies and content.

Content marketing for attorneys needs to be topical, informational, and ethical. Think of your client’s most burning questions and provide a helpful overview for them online.

By bringing qualified leads right to your door, you have a steady stream of potential leads who already know who you are and what you can do.

The Truth About Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation is the most holistic approach to lead generation, building a brand, and becoming a thought leader.

But it takes time to do it right. What do you do in the meantime?

Here’s where you benefit from multiple streams of sources. In addition to generating referrals and ethically working outbound leads, you can also purchase qualified leads. Leads are available according to state, practice area, and other optimization metrics.

The bottom line: inbound lead generation is critical to any business, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Are you ready to connect with the right people? Talk to us about how our attorney lead generation can accelerate your practice.

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