The Best Time to Make a Follow-Up Call on Leads

follow-up call

follow-up call

Did you know that the magic number for lead a lead follow-up is within the first five minutes from when they first contact you? Statistics show that you’re 100 times more likely to reach a prospect if you call them shortly after initial contact. This information alone is the link between success and falling flat on your face.

When to Make a Follow-Up Call

Remember, timing is everything, and the same goes when your goal is to turn a potential client into a paying one. But when is the best time to follow up on leads? Finding the best time to make a follow-up call to your prospects would depend on the service they need and when they’re available to talk.

Below, I will talk about the best time to reach your leads by case type.

Social Security Benefits

Most people who are applying for Social Security are not working, so the best time to reach them is during midday hours. Avoid calling them during mealtimes or early in the morning.

Personal Injuries

Depending on the severity of the injuries, call times can vary. If the lead can go to work, then call somewhere after 8 p.m. and if there are severe injuries, then any time of the day will do.

Workers’ Comp

You can reach individuals who filed and Worker’s Compensation claim at any time of the day. Because most claim filers, tend to be younger than Social Security applicants, you can also reach out to them by email or text message.


These are the hardest leads to reach, because not only are they working, but many potential clients screen calls due to collection agents. So the best way to contact them is by email or text message.

Coming up with a Plan

Around 37 percent of law firms follow up with their leads within an hour of the first call. But with planning, your response time will be even faster; so your prospects will become clients.

Below, we are going to talk about some of the most effective strategies and ideas to help you reach out to your leads. Not only will you leave your competition in the dust, but it will make follow up calling a breeze.

Make Sure You Have Dedicated Phone Lines

Law firms have a receptionist who takes several calls throughout the day. Sometimes they may not get to your request if they’re on the phone or away from their desk. The solution is to invest in a dedicated phone line so that all prospects can get answers to their questions.

Work with an Answering Service

Potential clients can call at any time, even if your law firm is closed for the evening. An answering service can take calls after hours to assist leads, which then converts into new customers.

Manage Your Form Submissions

Making sure that you are contacting your leads from form submissions is as vital as returning calls. You should also have a back-up in place, as well as forwarding these leads to the right person.

Schedule Your Lead Follow-Up Calls

There is no guarantee you’ll reach your leads when you call them back. You can solve this problem, by scheduling any follow-up calls, so candidates can see your dedication in helping them with their situation.


Finding the right time to make a follow-up call to each lead, can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a plan in place. Don’t worry about finding potential customers, when you have the experts from Best Case Leads, to get the job done. We only provide the most recent lists of people who want to use your legal services without the hassle.

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