5 Client Intake Tips for Auto Accident Personal Injury Leads

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Your digital marketing brings leads to your door, but after SEO works its magic, it’s up to you to transform leads into clients. The intake process is a critical part of your client funnel because it’s where you distinguish yourself from all your competition.

If you want real ROI on your marketing efforts, you need to focus as much on the first client intake call as you do on your keywords, copy, and lead generation form.

Are you ready to sign more clients and win more cases? Stand out from the crowd by using these tips.

1. Be the First to Talk to Your Client

A new client should never ever reach your voicemail. And those chatbots? Not a great idea for personal injury leads.

Skip the automated systems and direct your calls straight to a real human being. Whether it’s your paralegal team, administrative assistants, or a communications service, just be sure there’s a person on both sides of the line.

2. Respond Quickly

By the time a client reaches your office, they are already anxious. They have lost their property, suffered injuries, and often, they’re running out of time and money. A three-day wait for a response drives them crazy; it’d make you feel unheard, too.

You need to respond to their inquiry quickly.

If you’re ramping up your marketing efforts and watching more leads roll in, then dedicate a member of staff to new lead communications. That one person will cover follow-up calls and appointment setting. Not only will you book clients faster, but communicating with the same person will give them a sense of comfort.

3. Use a Pipeline System to Track All Your Leads

Where is each lead in your pipeline? Have they had an intake call? Is their form pending? Are you still waiting on the return of a form?

The system ensures you know where every client is so that every phone call and email count. You’ll save time, and you will never confuse a client.

4. Send Appointment Reminders

Clients don’t always show up to appointments. And your leads? They’re not even clients yet.

Sometimes, clients need a little nudge to know that you care about them and their case. Sending an appointment reminder is an excellent way to show them you made time for them. The best way to do this is to call the lead directly and confirm over the phone. A call is the best way to confirm, but you will likely need that communications member of staff if you want to go this far.

Then, when they confirm by phone, send them a text with the details for them to refer to.

5. Use E-Signatures

Stop making clients print, scan, and email paperwork. E-signatures do the job for you.

E-signatures are fast, intuitive, speed up turnaround times, and they even allow clients to finish and submit their signature on their phone.

Client Intake is Your Chance to Shine

What sets you apart from the other personal injury lawyers in your state? You can win clients simply by putting the client first during your client intake process. Placing the client at the center of the process before any money exchanges hands gains their trust and confidence.

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