5 Smart Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Leads in 2019

Over the past few decades, leads have been getting progressively harder to generate for those marketing on behalf of the legal profession. The shift in client behavior has drastically changed since most of the world’s data has been digitized. In short, people no longer digest information and promotional ads in the same way as before. If you have been unsuccessfully trying to acquire new clients through traditional advertising formats, you may need to adopt new strategies that closer align to how people now obtain information. Let’s discuss your alternative options.

Utilize Voice Search

Voice search has been an increasingly dominant search method for people who are always on the move. Many people now turn to voice search assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Assistant when they frame queries and ask their questions. This means that in order for your content to show up as one of the answers cited by a voice search assistant, you need to be competitive on how you use SEO and keywords in your content. If a potential client queries for a recommendation on legal services in a particular area, you want to make sure that your business is listed among the results.

Follow Up Using Multiple Communication Methods

From Skype to SMS to direct messaging, there are many ways of reaching out to your clients in addition to utilizing traditional formats. Whether you are following up on schedules or confirming consultation appointments, don’t let your leads go cold. Increasingly, customers prefer communicating with brands via SMS and direct messaging. Most customers want to text with businesses. Not only is it more convenient for the sender, but most text messages are read within minutes of being sent.

Blog Marketing

Your blog is an essential source of content that drives clients to your website. Well-written content that is relevant to your clients’ needs can establish you as a knowledgeable expert and trusted leader in your industry. Your topics should be researched well and targeted for a specific audience. Whether by simplifying legalese or explaining complicated topics, they should also answer some of a prospective client’s questions. You want your clients to see you as a resource they can trust and someone to whom they can go for a personalized consultation.

Optimize Your Website

An optimized website makes it easier for your customers to linger and move from your blog to your service page to your contact information. There are various ways to enhance your website. You should consider:

  • Ensuring that your website loads fast
  • Optimizing your content for mobile access
  • Including a mix of graphics, charts and videos
  • Formatting your website with headings and subheadings
  • Making use of text formatting to focus on certain phrases
  • Including white space with bullet lists instead of large text blocks
  • Inserting a clear call to action that tells your clients what to do next

Use a Feedback App

Implementing a feedback app for mobile devices is a great way to follow up on your clients. Not only can you ensure your clients that you remember them, but you can also get input on how to improve your service. Collecting customer feedback is essential to the future of your business. The exchange of information will help you achieve customer satisfaction, decide where to take your business in the future and retain your current clients. This type of communication can also align your customers with your company’s vision and goals.

Information acquisition has changed dramatically in the last few decades, and it is important to stay up to date to be on the same page as your clients. With digital marketing more prominent than ever, make sure you try these new strategies when searching for and acquiring new leads.

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