Brady Smith

On Top of 2023

Now that 2022 is officially over and the holidays are in our rear-view mirrors, there is some actual movement that makes us think 2023 may be the year we see some of them finally settle, and others really take off. Bad News First – Zantac First, the bad news – the Zantac litigation suffered some …

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Why Lead Qualification is Essential for Personal Injury Leads

Running a law firm can be challenging. From managing clients to making sure the firm is running well financially, there are a lot of working parts. One crucial part of running your firm and growing your clientele includes marketing. Is your firm looking to grow? Does your firm specialize in personal injury lawsuits? Then you’re …

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Major Courtroom Victories

By Sara Stephens CREATED A PROMISING WEEK FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING SURVIVORS The week that culminated with World Day Against Trafficking in Persons began with two legal wins — one win in a civil case against Visa and a second win in a criminal trial against GirlsDoPorn website operators — both signal accountability for sex trafficking …

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Drug safety Risks

By Martha Rosenberg Stay Hidden As HYPOCHONDRIA Is Created By Marketing If you’re like most people, you never heard of the prescription drug Humira until 2013. That’s when Abbott Laboratories spun off AbbVie, to aggressively market the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug which went on to become the top selling drug by 2019. Humira marketing is …

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Start Reeling More Big Fish

By Ken Hardison How to Sign MORE BIG PERSONAL INJURY CASES I’m often asked, “How can I get more big personal injury cases?” That’s every lawyer’s dream, isn’t it? More of the lucrative multi-million-dollar verdict cases that make the headlines and can secure a firm’s financial future and solidify one’s reputation in the industry. Reeling …

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