How to Build a Lead Generating Website for Your Law Firm

lead generating website

A law firm is nothing without high-quality leads. And though the Internet makes lead generation more accessible, it doesn’t make the process easier.

Today’s clients demand a fast, intuitive experience to help them find the help they need. In fact, the Internet is now the preferred way to find legal assistance.

Ready to rethink the way you generate leads? Here are a few tips for building a lead generating website. 

Find The Perfect Law Firm Website Builder

Believe it or not, lawyers can craft a perfectly competent website without even the slightest knowledge of coding or web design.

Services like CaseSite offer an affordable way to build your firm without any of the hassles.

And unlike other website builders, CaseSite is designed with legal experts in mind so you can rest assured that your site will be optimized for leads.

Design Your Site for Your Clients

It’s easy to misunderstand the point of a law firm website. It should be to advertise the services of the firm, right? 

Well, kind of. 

A firm’s website should always put the customer and their needs first. Of course, it’s a great advertising tool, too. But if a firm’s site isn’t friendly or easy to use, no client is going to take an interest in that firm. 

On the bright side, designing with a client-first approach is quite simple — especially with the assistance of a law firm website builder.

While site builders will do the heavy lifting, designers should make sure their site is easy to navigate.

Start by creating a simple menu design. Try to keep the number of pages on the site as low as possible so the menu doesn’t appear awkward.

Site speed is also vital. Indeed, most clients expect a website to load within two to three seconds. That doesn’t give much room for error!

Tagging pages and images is a great way to boost speed, as is reducing the number of images or videos on a given page.

Finally, make sure your logo and contact information is listed at the top of every page. After all, there’s little point in spending time and money on a great looking website if clients have to dig to find your info.

Craft Great Copy

Images are wonderful, but they won’t be able to convey knowledge and expertise quite like well-written copy. As a result, a site’s copy is every bit as important as its design. 

Whether it’s through blog posts, a biography, or even the welcome message on the site’s homepage, great copy has the power to convince. 

At the same time, the wrong copy can drive clients away. As a result, avoid an overly aggressive sales pitch at all costs. Your copy should do a thorough enough job of convincing site visitors that you’re the right choice. If you tell them as much, your copy loses all meaning.

Copy should also be as clean and concise as possible. Get in, get to the point, and get out. 

Now that you’ve shown off your breadth of legal knowledge, it’s time to encourage engagement. The home page, biography, and each blog post should all feature a call-to-action, which encourages the reader to reach out to your firm. 

How to Build a Lead Generating Website for Your Law Firm: Final Thoughts

These simple, effective tips can help any legal expert build a lead generating website.  

By using the right intuitive site builder, designing the site with clients in mind, and crafting persuasive copy, lead generation should be easier than ever. 

Are you interested in learning more about how a lead generation business can help your firm? Reach out and get in touch.

We’ll work with you and your team to craft a custom solution to deliver the results you’re after. 

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