How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Leads: Your Complete Guide

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There’s no shortage of people that need a criminal defense attorney. They tend to congregate in special buildings made specifically to house them until a trial can take place.

The problem isn’t finding people that need criminal defense, it’s finding the ones that can pay for services.

When it comes to lead generation, positioning is important. Only 31.3% of felony defendants hire attorneys, the rest go to public defenders.

To get leads that will generate profit, an attorney needs to get their name in front of people so they will remember it when it’s needed.

Criminal Defense Leads

Attorneys need leads to find clients with the means to pay. They also like to work within a specialization. Not all crime is equal and taking whatever comes through the door is less than ideal.

To get the leads to sustain and grow a business, an attorney needs a combination of opportunity and control.

They also want to manage their time expense to leads created. Time is money is rarely truer than when it comes to the time of attorneys.


The first place to start is with a blog. Blogs on the firm’s website get results.

Blogs are essential in SEO positioning, sure, but they also give an attorney the ability to attract a specific audience.

Writing about topics of interest with solid call to action language brings in people looking for more information on the topic. Often, fear of potential trouble drives these interests.

Expressing expertise in a field also gives potential clients confidence that they will get useful assistance if they reach out.


The modern world is more compartmentalized than ever. Anything a person doesn’t want to do, someone else will do for a price.

For attorneys that value their time, outsourcing lead generation makes sense. Why spend the time and effort to get good at producing leads when that same time can be spent practicing law?

Attorneys do best using specialized lead generation services that cater to their needs.

Clients benefit from knowing that they get dedicated representation. Attorneys benefit from vetted leads and less time in slush pile interviews and emails.


More and more people are using Twitter to reach out for help when they need it. Everything from fashion advice to emergency services are requested through tweets.

Criminals use Twitter, sometimes poorly, to announce their activities or recruit members. As far back as 2013, the platform was considered the go-to place for posting ill-advised activity.

It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine that within minutes of some of these tweets, these people need representation. A healthy Twitter presence gives an attorney a way to bring these people in as clients.

Get Connected

For the typical attorney, finding criminal defense leads is difficult.

Meeting with potential clients in other specialties is always more open-ended. A passion for defending people lost in the legal system makes it hard to pick the clients that keep the lights on.

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